Armor of Heroes for free on Steam

20 June 2022
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Armor of Heroes available for free on Steam at COH-DEV.

Armor of Heroes is a spiritual successor to the classic arcade game Battle City. In the game, you control a tank and fight against AI-controlled opponents or against other humans in multiplayer mode. The game was developed by The Eccentric Ape studio and released by Sega in 2020.

How to pick up the game?

  1. Log in or create an account at
  2. Then go to the rewards page.
  3. Once on the site, click the “Synchronize” button, which will prompt you to connect your Steam account. To connect your Steam account, click the “LINK” button, which will redirect you to the Steam platform.
  4. Once the accounts are linked, the game should be available for addition on the rewards page. Once added, the game will be automatically assigned to your Steam account.


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