Changes to peace conferences in HoI IV

4 May 2022
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Anyone who has ever played HoI IV knows that one of the most troublesome phases of gameplay is the peace conferences. It often happens that the AI creates strange borders that don’t look good and sting some players’ eyes, and additionally cause problems when setting up fronts in case of war. A post has appeared on the game’s official forum that announces changes to the peace conference system. The change to the peace conference system will allow for more honest conferences and should positively affect the AI’s behavior when selecting territories.

Bidding system

The main change is a bidding system that allows you to challenge another country’s claim. This will minimize the drawbacks of the current system, which is a queue in each round in which the order depends on the number of points in the peace conference. Even though another country chooses a territory in advance, another conference participant will still be able to contest the claim and, if the bidding is successful, will be able to seize the territory.

The bidding has 5 phases, and the winner of the last phase occupies the territory. Each bidding phase is held for all participants at the same time. The number of points in the conference will be limited to increase the chance of obtaining a territory in the conference and facilitate the survival of defeated countries.

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