Counter-Strike 2 – Limited test. How to get access?

22 March 2023
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The new version of Counter-Strike has been buzzing around the web for some time. We’ve heard about professional players receiving access to the new game from Valve. Now such a chance has been given to many more people, as Valve has begun selecting the players who will receive access to CS 2.

A new game or an update to CS:GO?

The first issue that wasn’t entirely clear was whether Counter-Strike 2 would be an entirely new game or a long-awaited upgrade of the game engine to Source 2. Today we already know that CS2 will be a free upgrade to CS:GO.

From the description shared on the game’s website, it can be inferred that Counter-Strike 2 will be DLC that will not be mandatory, and you will still be able to play the current version of the game. Most likely, the new version of the game will be more demanding for computers, so the current version of the game will leave the possibility to play on older devices.

Although both versions of the game will work, there will be no possibility to play between players on different versions of CS due to the changes made.

Will items from CS:GO carry over to CS2?

Many players were worried about whether skins, stickers and other items from CS:GO would be transferred to CS2. Today we received clear confirmation that all items will be ported. Valve also announced that the basic looks of weapons will be improved, and the skins themselves will look better in the revamped graphics. Valve didn’t have much of a choice here, as not porting the skins could cause a crash in the Steam market.

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When will CS2 be released?

Counter-Strike 2 is scheduled for release this summer. Valve did not specify it more precisely. Of course, there is a possibility that the release will be delayed, but we can be sure that we are only a few months away from the release of CS2.

How to get into CS2 testing?

Valve selects players based on the following conditions, among others:

  1. How much time the player has spent playing on the game’s official servers recently,
  2. Trust factor,
  3. No VAC ban.

This is only part of the elements Valve is considering.

Selected players will see an information in the CS:GO main menu that they have been selected for testing. After clicking on the information, the Counter-Strike 2 download will begin.

If you don’t see the information in your menu, nothing is lost. New players will be added for testing on an ongoing basis.

Changes in CS2

CS2 is expected to introduce a number of new features, most notably the long-awaited Source 2 engine, which enables many changes to the game’s appearance and physics. Valve has already informed us of several changes.

Improved graphics

The game’s graphics will be improved. This includes maps, items, effects, as well as the interface. Effects will be upgraded to HD quality, and their physics will be more advanced. The interface will be completely improved and expanded with additional elements.

Smoke grenades

The smokes will adjust to the terrain and respond to light. As a result, instead of a round smoke of uniform color, we will get a smoke that matches the environment and looks natural. It is possible that this will end the era of one-way smoke, a situation where smoke allows you to see the enemy while being invisible yourself.

More importantly, it may be that the smoke will react to other elements such as gunshots or concussion grenades, so there will be temporary gaps in the smoke. Smoke grenades will no longer be a permanent cover for a limited period of time.

No more tick rate

Tick rate, is the amount of time the server updates player information every. The higher the tick rate, the smoother the game is for all players. Tick rate has affected the physics of the game, among other things. The improved server architecture will allow for smoother gameplay for all players.

Map changes

The maps got a new and better look, which was made possible by the Source 2 engine. The engine enabled much better handling of light, which is one of the most important factors of graphics. Some of the maps received changes not only in appearance, but also larger changes to some of the locations. The maps look much more natural after the changes.

Sound changes

The sound has been redone to better suit the game environment. The sound has also been re-balanced.

New sound in Counter-Strike 2
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Source 2 engine tools

Valve will also provide tools for creating maps based on the new engine. This should make map creation much easier, plus a Source 2 item workshop is expected to appear on Steam.

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