How to disable Auto-Jump in Minecraft?

21 May 2022
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“The Frostburn Update” introduced many new features to the game including a new mechanic – Auto-Jump. Auto-Jump has been implemented from Minecraft Pocket Edition, which is Minecraft for mobile devices and Windows 10.

Automatic jumping allows the player to automatically jump on blocks in whose direction the player is walking. On mobile devices this is a big convenience, but on PC moving is much easier, so automatic jumping is more often a hindrance than a help, which is the reason most players turn off this option.

Disabling Auto-Jump

Automatic jumping can be turned off in the game settings. To do this, you need to:

  1. enter the game settings,
  2. Go to the “Controls…” menu,
  3. Switch “Auto-Jump: ON” to “Auto-Jump: OFF”


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