How to disable chat in Minecraft?

27 April 2022
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Chat is a very important element in single player as well as multiplayer games. Chat also acts as a console, that is, it allows you to use commands. In a single-player game, chat allows you to use commands or display information from mods and maps. In a multiplayer game, chat additionally allows you to communicate with other players or display information sent from the server. When playing on public servers, a particularly important function of chat is logging in or registering on the server.

Chat can be disabled in the chat settings by changing the mode to “Chat: Hidden”.

How to change the chat settings?

Chat modes can be changed in the chat settings menu, which is located in the game settings menu. Chat has 3 modes:

  1. Chat: Shown – the default setting, when chat is visible,
  2. Chat: Commands Only – chat only allows the use of commands,
  3. Chat: Hidden – chat is disabled.


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