Talisman: The Complete Collection on Humble Bundle

24 June 2022
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Talisman: Digital Edition on Steam with all add-ons at a super price on Humble Bundle. The promotion runs until 3:00 on July 7, 2022.

Talisman is an adventure RPG board game. The game Talisman: Digital Edition was based on it. The game allows multiplayer game play on a split screen and online. The game is about developing your character and gaining the Crown of Power.

Humble Bundle is a service that offers bundles, or bundles of games. In addition to the discount itself, everyone can choose how much they will pay for the games and who will receive the money paid. In the case of this offer, there are 3 price thresholds, for which we will get the corresponding amount of Talisman add-ons.

Threshold 1

In the case of the first threshold, for the price of €1, we will receive only the basic version of the game Talisman: Digital Edition along with the Adventurer Starter Pack, a DLC pack that includes:

  • Talisman – The Frostmarch Expansion,
  • Talisman – The Sacred Pool Expansion,
  • Talisman – The City Expansion.

Threshold 2

The second threshold includes the same as the first threshold, plus 25 other DLC. For the second threshold, you will have to pay €9.15. The add-ons that come in this package are:

  • Talisman – The Clockwork Kingdom Expansion,
  • Talisman – The Ancient Beasts Expansion,
  • Talisman – The Realm of Souls Expansion,
  • Talisman – The Cataclysm Expansion,
  • Talisman – The Harbinger Expansion,
  • Talisman – The Dragon Expansion,
  • Talisman – The Firelands Expansion,
  • Talisman – The Woodland Expansion,
  • Talisman – The Frostmarch Expansion: Legendary Deck,
  • Talisman – The Sacred Pool Expansion: Legendary Deck,
  • Talisman – The City Expansion: Legendary Deck,
  • Talisman – The Blood Moon Expansion: Legendary Deck,
  • Talisman – Base Game: Legendary Deck,
  • Talisman – The Dungeon Expansion: Legendary Deck,
  • Talisman – The Highland Expansion: Legendary Deck,
  • Talisman – The Reaper Expansion: Legendary Deck,
  • Talisman Character – Vampire,
  • Talisman Character – Pilgrim,
  • Talisman Character – Satyr,
  • Talisman Character – Swordsman,
  • Talisman Character – Ranger,
  • Talisman Character – Witch Hunter,
  • Talisman Character – Pathfinder,
  • Talisman Character – Woodsman,
  • Talisman Character – Samurai.

This package also includes Talisman: Origins, the single-player version of the game, along with three DLCs:

  • Talisman: Origins – The Eternal Conflict,
  • Talisman: Origins – The Legend of Pandora’s Box,
  • Talisman: Origins – Beyond the Veil.

Threshold 3

The third threshold includes all of the above packages and 21 other DLC. In order to get it, you need to spend at least €10.18. The add-ons that come in this threshold are:

  • Talisman – The Blood Moon Expansion,
  • Talisman – The Nether Realm Expansion,
  • Talisman – The Highland Expansion,
  • Talisman – The Dungeon Expansion,
  • Talisman – The Reaper Expansion,
  • Talisman – Complete Runestone Deck,
  • Talisman Character – Martial Artist,
  • Talisman Character – Saracen,
  • Talisman Character – Jester,
  • Talisman Character – Goblin Shaman,
  • Talisman Character – Illusionist,
  • Talisman Character – Shaman,
  • Talisman Character – Shape Shifter,
  • Talisman Character – Apprentice Mage,
  • Talisman Character – Black Witch,
  • Talisman Character – Gambler,
  • Talisman Character – Martyr,
  • Talisman Character – Genie,
  • Talisman Character – Devil’s Minion,
  • Talisman Character – Courtesan,
  • Talisman Character – Exorcist.


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