Minecraft is an open-world survival game by Mojang studio released on November 18, 2011, with a focus on exploration and building. Regardless of age, Minecraft can draw in any player. It is a game that has unlimited potential, and the player is limited only by his imagination. In MC, you can build the structures of your dreams, create items, dig up resources and explore the game world. It is one of those games that you can play all day long and never get bored playing in single player mode or with other players.

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Boats in Minecraft

Boats are one of the primary means of transportation in Minecraft. It is the most […]

World Exploration

World exploration is a fundamental element of the game. Exploring the world is interesting in that the world is randomly generated, making it almost impossible to create the same world twice. In exploring the world, numerous items can be found, which can be useful in further gameplay. In addition, during the exploration of the world, the player will encounter numerous structures called dungeons, which are worth exploring and discovering their secrets.

Mobs in Minecraft

Mobs are otherwise known as creatures that appear in the game. Creatures can be divided into 3 main groups: passive, neutral and aggressive.

Passive mobs are those that do not attack players or other creatures. They are mainly animals such as axolotls, cows or pandas. Animals can be bred and used for food or other materials. Some of them, such as horses, can be tamed.

Neutral creatures are those that can attack players in certain situations, but they are not aggressive unless provoked. Examples of neutral mobs would be goats or bees. A goat attacks the player or another mob randomly from time to time by ramming, and a bee attacks if the player steals honey from a hive, or if it is attacked.

Aggressive creatures are mainly monsters that attack players or other creatures for no apparent reason. Aggressive mobs include, for example, warden (overseer) or zombies.

Crafting – item creation

Crafting is otherwise known as item creation. It is a basic mechanic in Minecraft. To create something, use the crafting table or the player’s inventory. To craft an item, you need to place the raw materials needed to create it in the appropriate crafting fields. If the raw materials are correctly arranged, a finished item will appear to the right of the crafting field, which you simply transfer to your inventory. Minecraft allows you to create many items such as various types of swords, buckets or doors.