Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV is a grand strategy RTS game set in the realities of World War II. The game was released by Paradox Interactive on June 6, 2016 for PC. Players can lead one of more than 230 nations, and the goal is to achieve success with the chosen country during the single-player campaign or in multiplayer mode. States can cooperate with each other or fight for world domination.

HoI4 – Gameplay

In Hearts of Iron IV, the gameplay takes place during World War II, but is not limited to that war. The player directs one of the nations and tries to lead his country to victory in the war. To achieve this, the player must make decisions about the military, politics and economy.

The gameplay in HoI4 can be divided into two main components – preparation time and war time. Before the start of battle, the player makes general decisions, such as investing in troops or expanding the economy. It is also important to take the right strategy to achieve success. Later comes the time of war, which is the most important element. This is the time when the player leads his troops into battle and, at the same time, finds out whether he has used the time to prepare properly.


The military is the basic element of the game. The player must manage his army to make it as effective as possible. To achieve this, the player must, among other things:


Politics is as much a part of HoI IV’s gameplay as war. The player must make many decisions that will affect the future course of history. Alliances must be made and diplomatic relations with other countries must be developed. Diplomacy is of great importance to the success of military operations and the development of the state.


The economy is the key to the success of any country in Hearts of Iron IV. It should be well managed and developed as needed. There are many tools that can be used to improve the functioning of the economy. To be successful, it is necessary to invest in new technologies and expand infrastructure. All this will contribute to the better functioning of the state. Also important are raw materials, which can either be obtained from one’s own resources or bought from other countries.