Hearts of Iron IV – When does the game end?

6 November 2021
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There are two scenarios in Hearts of Iron IV, which allow you to start the game in 1936 or 1939. Regardless of the scenario chosen, the game will “end” at the same moment.

Does HoI4 have an end?

Many people consider the display of the scoreboard to be the end of the game. Hearts of Iron does not have an ending as such, so despite the scoreboard display, you can still continue the game.

When does the scoreboard appear?

The scoreboard has no fixed date of appearance. In addition to losing, the scoreboard displays when both conditions defined in the game files are met:

  1. You have to make it to 1949,
  2. More than 2 major powers cannot participate in a war.

Two lines of code in the game’s configuration file are responsible for this:

END_DATE = "1949.1.1.1",


MAJOR_PARTICIPANTS_FOR_MAJOR_WAR = 3, -- Minimum number of major countries involved in a war to consider it major enough to not end the game even though the enddate has been reached.


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