Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales

7 June 2023
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After about a year, a new major Minecraft update has arrived. Version 1.20 of Minecraft introduces many new elements including archaeology.


The ability to find items in trail ruins and in new varieties of sand and gravel has been added to the game.


A brush is a new item in Minecraft that allows you to extract items from suspicious sand and suspicious gravel. The brush can be crafted with a feather, a copper bar and a stick.

Jak stworzyć pędzel w Minecraft?
Graphics from Minecraft

Suspicious sand and suspicious gravel

Suspicious sand and gravel are new blocks added in Minecraft 1.20. Items can be extracted from these blocks using a brush. A wide variety of items can fall out of the suspicious blocks, among them the pottery sherds added in this update.

Suspicious sand can be found in desert temples, desert wells and warm ocean ruins.

Suspicious gravel can be found in the trail ruins and the cold ocean ruins.

Podejrzany piasek i podejrzany żwir w Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

Trail ruins

Trail ruins are new structures added in Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales. The trail ruins can be found in taigas, snowy taigas, old-growth forests and jungles. Among other things, you can find a new music disc and four types of armor decoration in them:

  • “Wayfinder” armor trims,
  • “Raiser” armor trims,
  • “Shaper” armor trims,
  • “Host” armor trims.
Ruiny szlaku w Minecraft 1.20
Graphics from https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/14204477222157-Minecraft-Beta-Preview-1-19-80-22

Pottery sherds and decorated pots

Pottery sherds are items that can be found in suspicious sand and suspicious gravel. Pottery sherds can be found in:

  • desert wells,
  • desert temples,
  • cold ocean ruins,
  • warm ocean ruins,
  • trail ruins.
Odłamki ceramiki w Minecraft 1.20
Graphics from Minecraft

Using four pottery sherds, you can create a decorated pot that has different decorations on the walls, depending on the chosen sherds. Instead of pottery sherds when crafting, you can use bricks, but the pot will then have smooth walls without decorations.

Crafting dekorowanych naczyń w Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

Depending on the direction in which the player is looking, the pot can be placed on a different side.

Dekorowane naczynia w Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft


Sniffers are passive mobs, that is, mobs that do not attack the player. From time to time, sniffers dig in the ground in search of torchflower seeds and pitcher pods.

Niuchacz Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

The sniffer can be hatched from a sniffer egg, which can be found in the suspicious sand and warm ocean ruins. They can be bred using the seeds of the torchflower. Instead of a small sniffer after breeding, they drop a sniffer egg from which another can be hatched. It takes about 10 minutes to hatch a sniffer egg on a block of moss, and about 20 minutes on the rest of the blocks.

Jajo niuchacza w Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft


A torchflower is a plant whose seeds can be found by a sniffer. Torchflowers are used to breed sniffers, but they can also be processed into orange dye at the crafting table.

Ognisty kwiat Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

Pitcher plant

Pitcher plants can be grown from pitcher pods, which can be found by a sniffer. It can be converted in the crafting table into cyan dye.

Dzbanecznik Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft


Another mob added in Minecraft 1.20 is the camel. Camels are passive mobs that can be saddled and can transport two players just like boats. Camels are very tall, making it impossible for most enemy mobs to reach players who are riding camels. Additionally, they can pass through walls and fences. Camels spawn when generating desert villages and can be spawned with cactus.

Wielbłąd Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

Smithing in Minecraft

The Smithing table has been redesigned into a position where armor can be modified, among other things. The most important two functions of the smithing table are upgrading diamond equipment to netherite equipment and adding armor trims.

Stół kowalski Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

Netherite equipment

Now, to create netherite equipment, you need to upgrade the diamond equipment in the smithing table. To upgrade the equipment, you need the Netherite upgrade smithing template. Such templates can be found in bastions in the nether.

Netherowe ulepszenie Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

Armor trims

Armor trims allow you to make changes to the appearance of your armor. The template of the armor trim depends on the smithing template used, and the colors depend on the material of the armor and the material used to make the trim. In armor trims can be used:

  • iron,
  • copper,
  • gold,
  • lapis lazuli,
  • emeralds,
  • diamonds,
  • netherite,
  • redstone,
  • amethyst,
  • quartz.
Szablony kowalskie Miecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

Armor trim smithing templates can be found at the following locations:

  • trail ruins – wayfinder, raiser, shaper, host;
  • pillager outpost – sentry;
  • desert pyramid – dune;
  • shipwreck – coast;
  • jungle temple – wild armor;
  • ocean monument – tide;
  • ancient city – ward, silence;
  • woodland mansion – vex;
  • nether fortress – rib;
  • bastion remnant – snout;
  • stronghold – eye;
  • end city – spire;

For the trail ruins and ocean monument, blacksmithing templates can be found in the suspicious gravel and the droppings from the ancient guard, respectively.

Cherry groves

Cherry grove is a new biome inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms. This biome features cherry trees with pink leaves that fall to the ground.

Wiśniowy gaj w Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

All wooden objects can be made from cherry wood just as with other types of wood.

Wiśniowe drewno w Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

Bamboo wood

Although it’s been a long time since bamboo appeared in Minecraft, it wasn’t until version 1.20 that we got the ability to create items out of it just like other types of wood, the only exception being a boat, which can’t be created out of bamboo wood, because we create a raft instead. In addition to regular planks, bamboo mosaic is also available, which resembles the appearance of bamboo planks.

Bambusowe przedmioty w Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

Chiseled bookshelfs

The chiseled bookshelf is a new container added in this version of Minecraft. You can store all kinds of books in it. Each chiseled bookshelf allows you to store 6 books. Books can be put in and taken out of the chiseled bookshelfs by right-clicking the place where the book lies, or is to lie.

Rzeźbione biblioteczki w Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft


In Minecraft 1.20, signs have received a number of new features that players have been waiting for a long time:

  • the text of the sign can be edited by right-clicking the sign, to block editing of the sign use honeycomb on it,
  • the sign can be written on both sides,
  • in single-player mode, editing the sign no longer holds up time in the game.

Hanging signs

A new type of signs has also been introduced to the game – hanging signs. These signs can be suspended from the block or attached so that it stands off from the block. Hanged signs cannot be placed on the ground, but aside from that they have the same functions as regular signs.

Podwieszane tabliczki w Minecraft 1.20
Graphics from Minecraft

Other changes

A number of technical changes and improvements to existing mechanics have also been made to the game. The most important changes are:

  • the addition of a calibrated sculk sensor that allows vibration to be filtered at the player’s discretion,
  • amethyst blocks placed next to the sculk sensor emit the vibrations received by the sensor, allowing the vibrations to be transmitted over longer distances,
  • the heads of monsters placed on sound blocks make the sounds of the corresponding mobs,
  • new music and changes in progress have been added.



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