Boats in Minecraft

22 January 2023
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Boats are one of the primary means of transportation in Minecraft. It is the most convenient way to travel long distances on water, among other things, because moving them does not consume the hunger bar. In addition, falling from the height of the boat, they absorb all the damage, so they are also useful for traversing spaces with a large difference in height such as the Nether or mountains. Boats have appeared in Minecraft Alpha and have undergone many changes since then.

There are different types of boats in the game, which are divided into two main types: regular boats and boats with chest.

Boat Minecraft

By default, boats have 2 seats, allowing them to sail with another player or creature. Boats can transport not only friendly and neutral mobs, but also monsters. In order to get the transported mob out of the boat, all you have to do is pull it out with a lasso or collect the boat. It is important to note that an ordinary boat can fit 2 mobs, but the player cannot then enter it.

Boats in Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

Types of boats in Minecraft:

  • oak boat,
  • spruce boat,
  • birch boat,
  • jungle boat,
  • acacia boat,
  • dark oak boat,
  • mangrove boat.

How to make a boat in Minecraft?

A boat can be made in the crafting table by laying 5 blocks of planks in the crafting field. All planks must be of the same type and must correspond to the kind of boat the player wants to make. Not all types of wood can be used to make a boat. The planks must be arranged in the crafting field in the shape of a boat.

Minecraft boat crafting
Graphics from Minecraft

Minecraft boat with chest

Boats with chests are a newer type of boats that allow us to travel along with more items. In addition to the items in the inventory, we can also drop items into the boat. A boat with a chest holds the same number of items as a chest, but allows only one player or creature to move in it, since the chest occupies the second space.

Boats with chest in Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

Types of boats with chest in Minecraft:

  • oak boat with chest,
  • spruce boat with chest,
  • birch boat with chest,
  • jungle boat with chest,
  • acacia boat with chest,
  • dark oak boat with chest,
  • mangrove boat with chest.

How to make a boat with a chest in Minecraft?

A boat with chest can be made in using a boat and a chest by putting them in the crafting field. Arranging items when crafting a boat with a chest doesn’t matter.

Crafting a boat with chest Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

How to collect a boat in Minecraft?

A boat in Minecraft can be collected by hitting it several times with your hand or some tool. If the tool deals more than 4 damage, the boat will be collected after one hit.

How to steer a boat?

Controlling the boat works similarly to that when moving on land. The exception is that in order to turn the boat, you need to look in a particular direction while swimming.

How to get on the boat?

To enter the boat, click on it with the right mouse button. It is not necessary to have an empty hand when entering the boat.

How to get off the boat?

You can get off the boat by pressing the button responsible for sneaking, which is the left Shift by default.

How to open chest on the boat?

The chest in the boat can be opened by right-clicking on the boat with the sneak button held down, which by default is the left Shift. If the boat is occupied by another player or creature, just right-click on it.

When the player is sitting in the boat, the contents of the crate can be checked by clicking the button responsible for opening the inventory, which is E by default. When the button is clicked, the player’s inventory and the contents of the chest will be displayed.

Boat speed in Minecraft

The speed at which a boat moves in Minecraft depends on the surface on which it moves. Speed in Minecraft is calculated in blocks per second (blocks/s). A boat moves on water at 8 blocks/s, while on land a boat moves at 2 blocks/s. Boats move fastest on ice. On ice, frosted ice and compressed ice, the boat moves at 40 blocks/s. The fastest boat moves on blue ice, on which it can reach a speed of 72.7 blocks/s.



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