Railway Empire – Complete Collection on Humble Bundle

21 July 2022
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Railway Empire on Steam with all add-ons at a low price on Humble Bundle. The promotion will last until 3:00 on August 4, 2022.

Railroad Empire is a single-player railroad operation and development simulator. The gameplay involves expanding the rail network, buying new locomotives and hiring personnel to serve all locations, such as cities and industrial centers. In the basic version of the game, the gameplay takes place in the US, but add-ons allow gameplay in other parts of the world.

Humble Bundle offers bundles, or packages of games at a very affordable price. In addition, the service allows you to choose how much you will pay for the bundle. For each of the four price thresholds, we will get the basic version of Railway Empire game with the corresponding amount of DLC.

Threshold 1

For the first price threshold, we will only get the basic version of Railway Empire for €1.

Threshold 2

For the second threshold, we will receive the basic version of the game along with three DLC. For the second threshold, you will have to pay €8.85. The add-ons you will receive after purchasing this package are:

  • Railway Empire – Down Under (Australia),
  • Railway Empire – France (France),
  • Railway Empire – Great Britain & Ireland (United Kingdom and Ireland).

Threshold 3

The third threshold includes the same as the second threshold and 3 more add-ons. You will have to pay €10.06 for the game and 6 add-ons. In this package, compared to the previous one, you will additionally receive:

  • Railway Empire – Crossing the Andes (South America),
  • Railway Empire – The Great Lakes (Canada),
  • Railway Empire – Mexico (Mexico).

Threshold 4

The fourth threshold includes all of the above packages plus another 3 DLCs. Here we get 40% more discount on the game Disciples: Liberation. To buy this bundle, you need to spend at least €11.80. The add-ons we get in this bundle are:

  • Railway Empire – Japan (Japan),
  • Railway Empire – Germany (Germany),
  • Railway Empire – Northern Europe (Sweden).


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