Command to change ideology in HoI4

13 August 2022
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The ideology of the ruling party in Hearts of Iron IV is a very important element of the gameplay, which determines relations with other countries and determines what diplomatic actions can be taken.

It is possible to change a state’s ideology by selecting appropriate political advisors and national goals, but this does not guarantee a change in the ruling party. Some states have no or limited ability to change their ideology. The most common limitation is the inability to change the ideology to neutral. In this case, the command to change the ruling party comes to the rescue.

Command to change ruling party

set_ruling_party <ideology>

In place of <ideology>, enter the appropriate letter for the ideology to be adopted by the country. In the default version of the game these are:

  • d – democracy (set_ruling_party d),
  • f – fascism (set_ruling_party f),
  • n – neutrality (set_ruling_party n),
  • c – communism (set_ruling_party c).

If modifications have been installed for the game, the ideologies and their shortcuts may be changed.


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