Hearts of Iron IV: Arms Against Tyranny – The next DLC for HoI4 announced!

7 June 2023
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HoI4: Arms Against Tyranny is the 9th expansion for Hearts of Iron 4. The next DLC is expected to focus on northern Europe, specifically the four countries there, namely: Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

What new features will we find in HoI4: Arms Against Tyranny?

As with all previous expansions, Arms Against Tyranny will introduce a rework of specific countries and new mechanics for the entire game.

Change in arms production

The production of armaments in the latest addition will depend on what armaments manufacturers and designers are in a country. This will make arms production closer to reality. To date, countries that can produce any type of armament are rare.

Arms trade

Since the difficulty of arms production will change, the natural solution will be arms trading. Therefore, Paradox will introduce arms trade mechanics. This will allow us to purchase armaments from another country in exchange for the production of civilian factories, which will also be changed.

HoI4: Arms Against Tyranny - Arms trade
Graphics from https://www.paradoxinteractive.com/games/hearts-of-iron-iv/add-ons/hearts-of-iron-iv-arms-against-tyranny

Division changes

Divisions are to receive major changes related to their design and organization. In addition, we are to get the ability to determine the specialization of divisions.

Changes of countries

In the case of Finland, the most important change will be the improvement of the Winter War, one of the conflicts that preceded World War II.

Sweden is set to become a local economic powerhouse that, with the help of its developed economy, can become a major player in the arms trade.

Norway will have to prepare for the challenges of World War II, but more interesting may be the alternative paths that could strongly stir the balance of power in Europe.

The latest country to be changed with Arms Against Tyranny is Denmark, which will be given the chance to prepare to defend itself against Nazi Germany.



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