HoI4: No Step Back – new features

17 November 2021
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A few hours ago on the official forum of Hearts of Iron IV game director Arheo published a post about the new features we will get access to after buying the No Step Back DLC. The new addition to HoI4 will be available next week!

New national goal trees and national content

With the new addition, the trees of as many as five countries will receive changes:

  • Polish
  • Soviet Union
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Estonia

In addition to new trees, the above countries will receive additional content such as new events, national spirits, new commanders, advisors and leaders. In the case of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, unit models will also be added.

Tank designer

No Step Back will allow you to design tanks on the same basis as a ship designer. We will have more than 60 modules to choose from, which will allow us to create vehicles that can change the current perception of armored battalions.

Railroad artillery and custom model trains

With the 1.11 Barbarossa update, trains will be introduced into the game. The add-on will expand this functionality to include rail artillery units. Artillery can be attached to the army it will support.

Major powers will receive custom models of trains and rail artillery. Equipment of other countries will use the default model.

Officer corps and system of preferred tactics

In addition to trains, the new update will get an officer corps, which will introduce new mechanics for specializing military branches and change the way military-related systems are managed. The corps will introduce the possibility of promoting commanders to military advisors.

We will also get a preferred tactics system, which will allow us to choose national, field marshal and general tactics. This is expected to directly affect the army’s fighting style.

All graphics and information are from the website: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/threads/no-step-back-release-date.1495349/


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