How to make a stone generator in Minecraft?

1 June 2022
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In skyblock maps, one of the most important elements are blocks that will increase the area of the initial island. One of the most popular building blocks is stone, or rather cobblestone, which is very easy to obtain.

Since cobble is a basic item, on skyblock, it would be useful to have a way to extract it quickly and easily. That’s what the cobble generator is for.

What is a cobble generator?

Cobblestone generator, is a device that allows infinite generation of stone. The player digs up a stone and gets a cobblestone, and a new block appears in place of the one dug up.

The generator requires only water and lava to operate. Unfortunately, the lava sometimes causes the excavated block to burn in it.

Construction of the stone generator

Start construction by selecting a site to dig a pit 4 blocks long and 2 blocks deep.

Place for stone generator
Graphics from Minecraft

Then dig a hole 4 blocks long and 1 block deep.

Four blocks long hole - Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

The excavated hole should be deepened by one block in one of the middle blocks.

Dredged pit for stone generator
Graphics from Minecraft

Then pour water on a single block separated by a dredged block.

Pouring water into the stone generator
Graphics from Minecraft

After pouring the water, it’s time to pour the lava at the opposite end of the dug pit.

Pouring lava into the cobblestone generator
Graphics from Minecraft

After a while, the first block of cobblestone will appear.

Manufactured cobblestone block - Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

Finally, just dig another block next to the cobblestone that has been created, so that it is easier to catch the dug blocks.

Stone generator - Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

The generator is now ready, all you have to do is enter the dug block and dig the stone.

Digging cobblestones with a stone generator in Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft


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