Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update

7 June 2022
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A new update to Minecraft – The Wild Update – saw the light of day today. The update adds two new biomes – the mangrove swamp and the deep dark – as well as items and mobs that are mostly related to them.

Mangrove swamp

The mangrove swamp is a new biome, which is a kind of swamp. In this biome you can find new mobs – frogs, or more precisely, warm frogs. The biome itself is covered with mud and mangroves.

Mangrove swamp - Minecraft
Graphics from the Minecraft


Mangroves are trees found in the mangrove forest that can grow in water or on land.

The mangrove tree consists of:

  • mangrove leaves,
  • mangrove log,
  • mangrove roots,
  • muddy mangrove roots,
  • mangrove propagule,
  • vines,
  • layers of moss.

If a tree grows on mud, the roots that grow in the place of the mud will turn into muddy roots.

Mangrove tree in Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

Mangrove wood

Mangrove wood allows you to create items just like other types of wood. Mangrove wood can be used to create mangrove objects and blocks.

Minecraft mangrove wood items
Graphics from Minecraft


Mud is a decorative block that occurs naturally in the mangrove swamp. Mud can be created by using a water bottle on the ground. You can craft hardened mud from mud and wheat. Mud bricks can be crafted from four hardened mud:

  • mud brick slab,
  • mud brick stairs,
  • mud brick wall.
Minecraft - mud
Graphics from Minecraft


Frogs are new mobs added in this version of Minecraft. There are 3 types of frogs that appear in different biomes:

  • warm,
  • cold,
  • temperate.

The type of frog depends on the biome in which the tadpole grows. Frogs spontaneously spawn only in swamps.

Frogs eat small slime and small magma cubes and return slime balls and frog lamps – glowing decorative blocks.

Minecraft frog
Graphics from Minecraft


Tadpoles develop from frogspawn. Tadpoles hunt axolotls and follow the player if he has a slime ball in his hand.

Minecraft tadpole
Graphics from Minecraft

Deep dark

The second new biome added in version 1.19. The biome occurs deep in the caves. No creatures other than the Warden appear in this biome. Sculk blocks and ancient cities are generated in the biome.

Deep dark biome
Graphics from Minecraft

Ancient city

Ancient city is a new dungeon that occurs in the deep dark biome. Due to the fact that these structures are located in the deep dark, mobs do not spawn in ancient cities.

In the city there is a city center that has a hidden piston door in its base under a wooden bridge, which, when opened, will allow you to enter the basement, which contains examples of redstone mechanisms.

In ancient cities, you can find echo shards, which are only found in these structures, and other rare items.

Ancient city in Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft


Sculk is an organism that appears in the deep dark biome. The organism feeds and grows by absorbing experience from killed mobs. To extract or destroy it, it is best to use a hoe. Sculk consists of five blocks:

  • Sculk – a decorative block and the main building block of the body.
  • Sculk veins – a decorative block that can attach to a block from either side. It appears as the first phase of Sculk development.
  • Sculk sensor – emits a redstone signal when it detects any vibration within a nine-block radius. The Sculk Sensor will not detect the signal if there is a block of wool between it and the vibration source.
  • Sculk shrieker – shrieks if it detects a player within an eight-block radius. Emitting a shriek can cause a warden to be summoned. Sculk shrieks can also impose a darkness effect on the player.
  • Sculk catalyst – generates a sculk after absorbing experience from a dead mob or player within a radius of eight blocks. The amount of sculk generated depends on the amount of experience that fell from the creature.
Sculk Minecraft 1.19
Graphics from Minecraft


Warden is a hostile mob summoned by sculking shriekers. Wardens are completely blind and rely on sensing the player through vibration or scent. A sculk catalyst drops from the Warden.

Wardens are invulnerable to fire damage or knockback. If they are pursuing a player, they follow the vibrations emitted or can use their sense of smell to locate the nearest creature within a 6 block area. Every 6 seconds, they impose a darkness effect on all players within a 20-block radius for 12 seconds.

Wardens get angry at creatures and prioritise attacking those they are most angry with. Wardens attack all creatures that attack or touch them.

Warden in Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

Warden spawning

Wards do not spawn on their own like other creatures. They are summoned after the fourth shriek emitted by naturally generated sculk shriekers if the light level is less than 11. Once summoned, they dig themselves out of the ground.

Shrieks are assigned to a player, so each player has their own counter that counts down the shrieks until Warden is summoned. After a minute of inactivity, they bury themselves back into the ground.

Warden spawn
Graphics from Minecraft

Recovery compass

The recovery compass indicates the location of the last death of the player holding it. In case the player has not died once yet, is not holding the compass or is in a different dimension than the one in which he died, the compass will start to go crazy.

A recovery compass can be created using a compass surrounded by 8 echo shards.

Recovery compass in MC
Graphics from Minecraft


Allays are neutral flying mobs that can befriend a player. Players are not allowed to harm friendly allays.

To befriend an allay, you must give him an item. Until he holds the item, the allay will follow the player and bring him copies of the item. The allay will find the player if the player is within 64 blocks, and it detects items within 32 blocks.

If the allay hears the sound of a sound block, he will treat it as his player for 30 seconds. It dances when it hears the sound from the jukebox.

Allays spawn in woodland mansions and pillager outposts. They can be multiplied by giving an allay an amethyst shard while he’s dancing.

Allay in Minecraft
Graphics from Minecraft

Darkness effect

Darkness effect is similar to blindness effect, but allows you to see at a greater distance. Unlike blindness, darkness pulses every few seconds darkening the screen.


Sneaking is a spell that allows the player to go faster while sneaking. Darkness effect can only be applied to trousers. This enchant can only be found in ancient cities in the form of enchanted books. Each level of the sneaking spell increases the speed when sneaking by 15%, but the speed cannot be higher than the speed when walking.

Music disc 5

Disc depicts the warden’s hunt. It is the only disc that can be crafted. To create it, you need to find 9 disc fragments and put them all in the crafting table. Disc fragments can be found in ancient cities.

Music disc 5 - Minecraft 1.19
Graphics from Minecraft

Boat with chest

A boat with a chest allows you to transport more items across the water. To open the chest, simply open the inventory if the player is sitting in the boat or sneak-click the interaction button (right mouse button by default).

The capacity and mechanics of the chest are no different from a regular chest, you can, for example, put items into it using a hopper.

Minecraft boats with chests
Graphics from Minecraft

Goat horns

The goat drops a horn (sometimes 2) when it rams a hard block. They can also be found in pillager outposts. Using the horn makes a loud sound that can be heard even from 256 blocks.

Goat horns come in eight variants:

  • ponder,
  • sing,
  • seek,
  • feel,
  • admire *,
  • call *,
  • yearn *,
  • dream *.

* only from screaming goats

Other changes

Many other changes have also been made. These are mainly technical changes related to the operation of the game. For example, changes in vibrations – from now on, wool blocks dampen the vibrations emitted by them and when moving around them.



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