Road tools in Cities: Skylines II

16 September 2023
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Roads are the foundations of cities, so the first information about Cities: Skylines II is about them. In the first part, building roads, especially in more developed cities, caused some problems, so the developers tried to improve them.

Road construction in Cities: Skylines II is more flexible, allowing more creative use of the available tools to perfectly lay out roads. The game will feature many new options in addition to the familiar ones, including improved cornering tools and an innovative grid mode that allows you to easily create cohesive city blocks with just three clicks. The process begins by placing the initial corner of the road grid, then by moving the mouse and clicking again you specify its width, and the third click sets the length of the road grid. The final layout of the grid becomes visible after adjusting the length in the final creation step.

Road tools - Cities: Skylines II
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The new Replace tool resembles the earlier Update tool, but it offers much greater capabilities in modifying existing roads and adjusting the road network by adding elements such as grass, trees, extended sidewalks or noise barriers.

Parallel mode allows the automatic creation of two roads in parallel, with the possibility of setting a fixed distance between them.

Road tools include a variety of attraction options and a comprehensive road guidance system, making it easy to build the desired road layout, even in areas with difficult terrain.

Any stage in the road construction process can be quickly undone using the right mouse button, and already existing roads can be removed using the demolition tool.


Road construction has been designed to become faster and more flexible, allowing roads that intersect with existing roads to easily create intersections. In addition, it has been made easier to place major intersections on already existing road layouts.

The game offers a set of ready-made intersections that can be placed in vacant areas or over existing roads, automatically connecting them to the existing road network.

Traffic circles, which can be constructed at existing intersections, are also available as a completely new feature in the road construction process. Various sizes of traffic circles are available from small to large multi-lane traffic circles. A configured traffic circle adjusts its lanes to accommodate all exits, ensuring smooth traffic flow.

Traffic circle in Cities: Skylines II
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Special roads

Roads can be customized by adding bus lanes and streetcar tracks using special tools. It is also possible to create dedicated roads exclusively for buses and emergency vehicles, while streetcar tracks can be built independently, bypassing traffic altogether.

Pedestrian areas can also be created in cities, using pedestrian promenades equipped with sidewalks and bridges. In these areas, vehicular traffic is strictly forbidden, except for service and delivery vehicles carrying goods to local businesses.

Parking lots

Vehicles must be parked in areas where residents travel. In addition to the traditional roadside parking known from the first part of the game, parking lots have been added in Cities: Skylines II, so you will have the ability to provide residents with parking lots and parking spaces. Residents have varying preferences for time management, comfort level and parking expenses. Some prefer parking spaces close to their destination, regardless of price, while others accept longer travel times to take advantage of cheaper parking or public transportation.

Parking lots in Cities: Skylines II
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Road maintenance

Road maintenance management has also been expanded. Poor road quality or heavy snowfall can slow traffic and lead to traffic jams. In addition, road conditions affect the risk of traffic accidents, which in turn can lead to traffic disruptions, requiring road maintenance services to secure and clean the accident scene. In winter, roads need to be cleared of snow by special snow plows.

Additional road options

The new road system allows you to place and remove traffic signals, pedestrian crossings, add signs and manage turning lanes. If there are too many pedestrians at a busy intersection, there is an option to remove pedestrian crossings and erect a pedestrian overpass that avoids vehicle traffic.



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