Voting for new mob in Minecraft

9 October 2023
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Once a year, Mojang allows players to decide what new mob should be added to the game. Previously, such mobs as sniffers and allays were added to the game through such votes.

Voting will begin on October 13 and last until October 15, 2023.

This time the community can choose one of three mobs:

  • pancernika (Armadillo),
  • pingwina (Penguin),
  • lub kraba (Crab).


Armadillos live in the savannah. When frightened, they curl up into a ball. When killed, armadillos drop a plate from which a new type of armor can be produced. This is wolf armor, which provides the wolves (dogs) with extra protection.

Armadillo in Minecraft
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Penguins are mobs that like to stay in groups on rocky shores. Penguins don’t move very well on land, but they do very well in the water. This allows penguins to speed up boat travel!

Pingwin w Minecraft
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Crabs live in mangrove swamps! Crabs have claws that can be used to place blocks farther apart when building.

Krab w Minecraft
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How to vote for a new mob in Minecraft?

You can vote for the chosen mob in three ways:

  1. By joining a special event server in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. After starting the event, simply launch the game and a Minecraft Live button will appear in the lower left corner of the screen, which you need to click. After joining the server, simply select a creature by toggling the appropriate lever.
  2. Through the Minecraft launcher. When you start the event in the game launcher, you will see a corresponding message that you need to click.
  3. At Once the event begins, there will be an opportunity to vote for the chosen mob.

You can only vote once after logging in through your Microsoft account. Even if you cast a vote in several different places the last vote will ultimately be recognized.



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